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3 Reasons Why You Should Build Something

So, a press release came out this morning on a couple different sites (links below) featuring The Telegraph’s foray into tablet advertising.  I developed the touch-enabled advertising framework used to build the Mission Impossible 4 ad and serve it on The Telegraph.  (Note: I built it, but the concept was this guy’s.)

I didn’t make any extra money off the ad.  I don’t own the framework.  Basically, none of my normal reasons for excitement apply here, but it’s still cool because people are using it.  For a product that’s not mine, I feel an unusual amount of accomplishment and validation.  I bet it’s kinda like giving a baby up for adoption and meeting them again a few years later.  They’re not technically your child, but you still brought them into the world and there’s a certain amount of love still lingering.


So, why should you build something?


  1. It feels good

    Like I was saying above, I’m feeling really good as I write this post.  It feels good to be recognized, if only by a few close friends.  You should build something because no one will ever recognize you for something you never did.  It feels good to finish something, you know you love that sense of accomplishment.   Finally, it feels good to have a sense of purpose, and I’m big on purpose.  I think it’s the basis for motivation, perseverance, self-improvement, philanthropy, and on and on.

    I Feel Good

  2. You learn a lot

    I’ve built a bunch of stuff that barely gets used, if at all.  The point was never to build the next big thing, it was to build something I find useful (or in some cases for a paycheck).  If others find it useful as well, great, if not…great.  I’ve learned far more from my own projects than working for others – most likely because I have far more of my own projects than paying projects :)


  3. It could make you incredibly wealthy

    You never know what the market needs. You could be building just the right thing at just the right time. (I’ll update this post with my personal story when I’m ready.) No one can predict the future, it’s always in motion. Build something, put it out there, and see what happens. You could get acquired by Facebook for $1 Billion in less than 2 years.

    Always in Motion is the Future - Yoda

    “May the 4th be with you.”


Links (all of them say the same thing):


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  • maaprilette

    Yes I agree building something definitely feels good and we can learn a lot too.